Steffen Wolff

Steffen Wolff

Postdoctoral Fellow (EMBO/ HFSP Fellowship)
PhD in Neurobiology, Friedrich Miescher Institute (Switzerland), 2014
MS in Molecular Biotechnology, University of Heidelberg (Germany) 2007
Steffen  Wolff

Steffen Wolff is a postdoctoral fellow in the lab. He gained a lot of experience in the dissection of neuronal circuits for learning and memory, using behavioral assays, viral and molecular approaches, optogenetics, electrophysiological recordings and optogenetic identification of defined cells during his PhD with Andreas Luthi at the FMI in Basel, Switzerland. He is applying these techniques in combination with the lab's high-throughput behavioral system and continuous electrophysiological recordings to study the role of motor cortex in motor skill learning and its interactions with the basal ganglia. He is especially interested in the communication between the distinct components of the motor circuit, how it develops over time and how it guides the learning and execution of movement sequences.

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