Mahmood Mohammadi Shad

Mahmood Mohammadi Shad

Scientific Software Engineer
PhD in Mechanical Engineering, City College of New York, 2016
MPhil in Mechanical Engineering, City College of New York, 2013
Mohmood Shad

Mahmood M. Shad is a scientific software engineer in the lab. He has gained extensive knowledge in the area of high performance parallel computing, scientific programming, and computational multiphase fluid dynamics during his doctoral study and postdoctoral research with Taehun Lee in CMFD lab at City College of New York. In his PhD research, he developed an efficient high performance computational platform to study boiling. He works with Harvard’s Research Computing team to build and maintain a computational infrastructure capable of supporting the lab research on neuroscience. He is also interested in developing new analytical methods for large-scale data analysis, and their efficient software implementation.

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p: 6174969052

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